Skyride and European Masters…

… like buses, bike events… wait for one for ages than 3 come all at once!!

Friday the 29th is MCR Critical Mass, which I can’t make again (!!) how annoying!! As the May one was so much fun!!

The Saturday the 31st is the last day of the European Masters Track Championships at the Velodrome and PB and I are planning to go, I mean at £8 for the whole day how you can pass that out uh?! Especially when you think that it’s the money for one cinema ticket!!

Then Sunday 1st of August is Skyride again. We took part last year (see photo below, me looking very layered up!! But how far have I come since that first ‘proper’ ride, for me anyway!), and it was fun indeed. It was great to see the city void of cars, to see so many people of all ages enjoy their bike and seeing the city through new eyes.

The council H&S stewarding was painful, as ever… way over the top and treating us as real idiots… only because of the usual fear of being sued if anyone had a scrape…

Although a highly corporate event I cannot fault it, I enjoyed seeing so many people with a smile on their faces on their bikes; I was very much hoping the council would have capitalised on the general positive vibe and enthusiasm and really input the cycling infrastructure, unfortunately so far I saw none of that. So I am in two minds whether to attend or not this year, if it has to turn out just as a simple massive PR exercise for Sky then I am not so sure, I was positive last year that Skyride would have been a great way for the council to ‘test the water’ about public appreciation of cycling and cycling infrastructure while having financial back up by a big name like Sky… but a year on it seemed not to have been the case… But please prove me wrong if you know something I don’t 🙂

Anyhow, if you have not been last year, then I definitely recommend it, even to just simply see the city under a different light, with no cars, it’s worth just for that reason alone!

Either way there’s plenty to choose from if you want to enjoy bike related activities… sport, leisure and transportation wise!


2 responses to “Skyride and European Masters…

    • hey Dottie! It’s amazing indeed, the Skyride was my first ‘proper’ ride a good 25 miles in a day, it set me on my way to become a daily cyclist! And I’ve learnt so much about keeping warm and keeping cool, road confidence etc. I hope this Sunday’s Skyride may have prompted someone else to start this path too! 🙂

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