New Mailstar in Bath!

Well… I say ‘new’… new to me anyway!

Thanks to Manchester Cycling I have come across these mailstar bikes that Royal Mail have in Bath!

Could this be the silver lining that I was hoping to see from Royal Mail’s crazy idea of phasing out the postal bike all together??? To be replaced… hear this… by vans!! Because you know… we all need more vehicles on our roads… urgh!

Also, CTC is running a campaign to support the postal bikes and to urge Royal Mail to not phase them out. There’s a new chief exec heading RM, Ms Moya Green, and letters are addressed to her, hoping she will have better judgment on the matter than her predecessor.

I dutifully sent my letter off (which I twicked a little to make it a bit more personal)… every little helps I say!

Please join in the support… we need Royal Mail postal bike support to lobby for better cycling infrastructure if we want things to change on a useful/urban scale.

Happy week end all!


3 responses to “New Mailstar in Bath!

    • argggh your sense of humor…. to be honest not a bad way to be bid farewell… def brownie points for the green conscience lol!

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