cycling… as the norm…

The Sartorialist is doing a great job at capturing moments that always remind me of home.

©the sartorialist

©the sartorialist

©the sartorialist

For me it’s not about fashion in terms of spending lots and lots of money, it’s about style, it’s about being who you are and expressing that. What I love of shots like these is that the bike is just, simply, there. Naturally.

It’s a natural/normal addition to everyday life… you leave home, hop on your bike and off you go.

I remember how hot summers can be in Italy and how horrible was to get out of a car, bus or metro and have all your clothes stuck on you because of the heat/sweat… cycling, despite what people may think, in hot weather actually keeps you cool, especially when wearing the right clothes and when cycling at a slow pace, you know… to go from A to B, not to race from A to B.

So, I hope that sharing these images here can just picture an idea that the bike is a fun, simple and natural way to get about.

©All images copyrights of The Sartorialist

2 responses to “cycling… as the norm…

  1. These photos are so classy and full of style (as you said, not fashion). I want everyone to see these photos and realize what riding a bike can look like 🙂

    • 😀 I like how the bike seems another simple addition to their style, to their way to go about the everyday life, not like an after-thought or like they are trying to prove a point : ) One of my old school professors looked a tad like the gentleman in the photo and he was so full of character, such an interesting chap lol!

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