Summer cycling

I cannot believe how dry and hot this summer has been so far (I promise you I am not jinxing it!).

Cycling in this weather is a real pleasure. No jackets, no heavy scarf, no gloves! Not even in the mornings.

Cycling pass cars or waiting at traffic lights I find it quite endearing studying tiny people in tiny tin boxes either all locked in not to lose any precious whiff of air con or fully opened up, fanning with ‘something’ (an old receipt, a piece of cardboard box a newspaper, anything goes!) probably getting all their clothes sticky and stuck to the driving seat (ahhh I remember those days!).

When I cycle I develop enough breaze to keep cool and when I am still waiting for lights to change I get the chance to look around, to smile and think that I really wouldn’t swap my bike for a car or indeed a bus. And I very often have the bonus of brief, friendly conversations with friends/fellow cyclists too! I remember how lonely the car commute was! I did it for a year then I swore never again : )

And oh boy am I glad!

How could you not cycle when you can get to enjoy this?!

I keep on saying it, please  please give it a go!


5 responses to “Summer cycling

  1. Its not that bad in the rain, if its warm. I used to use waterproofs but ended up being more soaked afterwards due to the “sauna effect.” Once you accept being rained on you can get on with enjoying being outside.

    • hey Mr C! Missed your comment here! I hate the sauna effect too! If it’s raining on my way home I just get wet now as it doesn’t really matter, plus I’ve noticed cars give you a bit more space if they see you ‘fighting the elements’ ehehe! But really it’s just H2O as I keep telling friends who go “but WHAT do you do when it RAINS!” 😉

  2. Great point! It’s all about the breeze, baby. I hated being cooped up in a car in the summer growing up in the South. Ugh, torture. And my parents never used the A/C because it wasted too much gas. I get hot just thinking about it.

    Your beautiful photos really convey how refreshing cycling is.

    • thanks Dottie 🙂 I am really glad I saw sense and ditched the car. Like Mr. C says even I have learnt to not mind the rain at all, so in all weather I still prefer the bike! (I do need to learn to cycle in the snow though)

      • Snow cycling is fun. It might be easier on wider tyres than the Princess’s though. I did a lot during “The Great Snow of 2010,” I just lowered the saddle (lowers the weight and makes it easier to balance on undertain footing) and reduced the pressure in my tyres by about 15-25% so to increase the contact area. I’ll probably end up riding the Tourist (still needs a name) next time it snows, I will post about how well it goes.

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