As you are… off you go…

…to work… to the shops… down the pub… to the library… at the allotment…

because the beauty of cycling is that you gain a friend of adventures… yes even when it’s just cars, tarmac and our dear old potholes…

Tomorrow more sunshine and summer heat has been forecast, lovely! What will you do? Where will you go?

Whatever you will get up to I hope you have your trusty two wheeled friend with you!


6 responses to “As you are… off you go…

  1. Nice shot of the Princess and yourself there. Looks like you have a dynamo-hub on the front, did the Princess come with a dynamo front light? I am looking for one which is sensitive to the aesthetics of the tourist and whatever it is the Pashleys come with would probably be ideal. The descriptions I have read from shops selling the Pashley bikes never mention who makes the front light, could you help me out? I want to make sure my two-wheeled friend can come with me when the weather stops being my friend in a few months.

    • morning! right had a look and took pics here and here . I think it’s this one (website only to show you the model, not advert intended).

      Vita (girly thing I know, she has a name) came with the dynamo which I love, it’s strong and bright and I never worry about battery dying in the middle of winter nights ; ) it also has an LED light at the back, plus I have/use two small strap-on LED lights, a red one on my helmet and a white one through the wicker basket at the front (they are so small, the red one is permanent on my helmet and the white one is in my bag when I find myself cycling at night).

      Does it help?

      PS read you went to the critical ride last Friday, I was sorry to have missed it, def going to the one in July ; )

      • Excellent, I had come across that light in my searches, but it looks better on your bike than in the website pictures. I have decided I am going to rebuilt my dynamo hub into a wheel for the new bike and get one of those front lights. I can probably make the battery rear light charge from the dynamo during the day with a bit of Maplin gear.

        Critical Mass was fun, I’ll be going again at the end of the month. Maybe I will see you there.

        Thanks for the lighting help.

  2. I will only be going to work and back again BUT because I will be on my bike, it will be fun 🙂

    Beautiful picture!

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