Testing Brompty

A sunny afternoon after work I took PB’s Brompton (called by me ‘Brompty’) round the block, as I am seriously considering getting a Brompton I can call my own ; )

So light and nippy in comparison to Pashley, made me think a Brompton would be the perfect companion to Vita!

I will need to get used to the responsiveness of the handlebar… it’s so ‘loose’ a light touch and it turns! Equally I was pleansantly surprised by how solid it felt giving me a comfy, smooth ride!

Not relevant to the Brompton I looooved the comfy Brooks saddle… after 6 years of daily riding by PB… I have a long way to go with  mine on Vita. Although I have gone through the sore bum period now, so that can’t be too bad!

Brompton‘s popularity has grown exponentially in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why! The design is very appealing and elegant, folding is quick and beautifully compact, I have in the past referred it to as origami folding!

They are dear brand new, no doubt, but if PB’s can be testament to the longevity of Brompton, the money spent will be well worthwhile!

Now… all I’ve got left to do is to start and save (!)

[Also part of the LGRAB summer games – Part 2!]

My dad’s is coming to visit for few days so I’ll be off the interwebz fora while! Have fun this week end as it’s meant to be sunny and breezy!! Perfect weather to take your bike out and enjoy the scenery!


12 responses to “Testing Brompty

    • ahah! I wish… we were talking about them in the office few days ago… I’d have to add a zero to the Bromtpon’s price tag ; ) I like Bike Friday too, but how compact the Brompton folds down to is unbeatable.

  1. Bromptons are great aren’t they! The only other downside apart from the cost is that they seem to be a bit of a target for getting stolen.

    • yes, people are starting the recognise them well and their value! but the good thing of a Brompton is that you’d never need to lock it outside. In 6 years PB had never to do that, impressive!

  2. I’d love to have a go on a Brompton, just to see what they are like! I’m hoping that The Boy will get one as his “London bike” to keep at mine – or even a Riese & Muller… perhaps!

    It’s nice to have a bike that’s nice and light to zip about on… I love my Pashley, but the lightness of the Raleigh 20 I have is gonna be just right for quick darts across Portsmouth when I’m there!

    • The main reason I am looking into a Brompton, a part from bike fever (!), is that often I need to get places for work by train etc, and the Brompton would be perfect for this, also PB and I enjoy travelling by train (UK and Europe) a lot so we would be able to take our Brompton(s) with us whenever we fancied, which is a nice bonus : )

    • 😉 I am no great expert though… the BSA felt like a bike, very ‘together’… a small scale Pashley in a way (and obviously much lighter). Could get a full weekly shopping with it for example, while I don’t think that for me it would be possible with the Brompton.

      Brompton is light and fast and ‘loose’ (which I don’t mean coming apart though!!)… which I think it’s where the nippy feeling comes from…

      What I didn’t like about the BSA was that although the ride was smooth etc I did feel ‘small’ on it, too small compared to cars let alone double decker buses (!)… Brompton seat post is so great that although the bike is ickle you are at the same height that you would be on your ‘normal’ bike, so I felt as visible and safe as when I am on Pashley.

      I liked the BSA for its lightness and gentle character, but Pashley is my sturdy, elegant tank, while Brompton is a nippy, cheeky bike that you can take everywhere, literally! and very quick to warm to… I’d compare it to a yorkshire terrier 😉 it’s small but still think it’s as big as an alsatian eheh!

      wow what a super technical review I’ve given eh?!

      PS – This was my BSA Twenty (its original white saddle fell apart unfort)… and I have just realised my memory is crap! It was golden with burgundy/deep purple fenders, not the other way round *doh!*.

      • Those stock seatposts were way too short, I’ve replaced mine with a longer one, so I am at about the same height on the twenty as on other bikes. I still feel more marginalised by the other traffic on it than on, say the Yuba Mundo. I have ridden folding bikes with proportions similar to the Twenty but with a steeper headtube and less fork rake. This made the steering more sensitive, giving a nippy fun feel which I think would come to be annoying on a longer ride than about 5 km. I was asking because I may add the folding version of the Twenty to my collection if my needs ever change and require me to have a folding bike. Its not going to be anywhere near are small as the Brompton when folded but I think I could go further on it when I get to where I am going. I was wondering if you had considered (or was aware of) the folding Twenty. I saw one for sale at Bicycle Boutique MCR (behind SandBar) yesterday, but didn’t catch the asking price.

      • I would prefer the neatness of the Brompton over the Twenty, as the smaller wheels would help that. Also the Brompton takes 10 seconds flat (I am not joking honestly) to fold down or up, it’s a really smooth/quick/effective set up. I am no expert of the Twenty so not sure how smooth one can get a vintage to work, or better said I am not sure if and how I could get it to work smoothly…

        My other half, who I refer to as PB, has done Manchester to Liverpool and the 100k rides few times with the Brompton and he has thoroughly enjoyed it…

        Also I am quite petite and I think I may find it too bulky to handle the Twenty folding on a daily basis. I have seen many folding vintage shopper bikes around but none folded, I wonder how they work. Have you tried one? I am yet to visit the bicycle boutique, I hear great things about it!

        From reading your blog I think your bicycle mechanics skills are muuuuuch better than mine 😉 so I have no doubt that you could make the Twenty folding work! It’d certainly be quite unique!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your test ride on the yellow Brompty. I agree that it is surprisingly speedy. They are not cheap but worth the money and currently appear to retain their value. Bromptons are the only folding bikes that train companies accept across the board because they fold so small. So great for travelling. Because I am always late for trains the quick folding and unfolding action is brilliant for me. So start saving or put it on your wish list. The only dilemma will be what colour to choose

  4. Hi – I just came across your website, and was looking at your various posts, and was happy to see you had checked out the Brompton. I just got one a month or so ago and have been enjoying it. 🙂 I live in the Washington, DC area, and folding bikes aren’t seen that much, but they are very practical. I love the Brompton design and solid feeling while riding, etc. I will be coming to London for the Brompton World Championship Race (Oct. 3), so that’ll be fun! Charmaine

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