Bike to Work Week!!!

Hey peeps!

Totally forgot to post that it’s Bike to Work Week 2010! From the 19th till the 27th of June!!

All you want to know is at the Team Green Britain website : )

Have a look at their Event Search and see what’s going on in your area! There’s loads in Manchester, yay! Shame about the low PR though! Is it me or the press hasn’t covered this very much, or at all????

I am not taking part in any special event… but all at work, but one, cycle religiously every day… actually I was the last one to join the pack really lol!

Love the fact I cycle so regularly now that I hadn’t even realised Bike to Work Week had commenced! *360º smile*

What are you up to this week then? Anything new, exciting, new challenges etc?

Happy Bike Week!


2 responses to “Bike to Work Week!!!

  1. This one had passed me by as well, although I remember a few weeks ago all of the bikes in the bike shed where I work had leaflets about trying out cycling to work stapled to them. Maybe this is why the PR is so low-key, they only promoted it to people who already bike to work whether its bike to work week or not.

    I didn’t see any of the leaflets under windscreen wipers in the car park on that day, I think they are the people who should be targetted by this.

    • indeed! Perhaps someone has missed the point eheh!… wish I worked in the city… there are some nice breakfast offered for those who cycle this week… yum! And must be nice to stop and a have a chat with fellow cyclists, perhaps…

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