Delightful cycling…

Sometimes, ok… often…, cycling is delightful as this : )

Song “French singer” by the delightful Liz Green. All copyrights reserved.


10 responses to “Delightful cycling…

    • Cheers! Btw loving your latest post! So true, about rising above anger… sometimes my heart pumps so hard, usually due to near collisions thanks to some crazy drivers, but I learnt that if I laugh out loud in their face I come out the winner (and keep sane!) and them, the losers! Def “get up, go ride”! 😉

  1. Nice. I saw someone in the city centre on a Princess and it made me think of your blog. She was in a suit, with a purple cylindrical bag, unbehelmetted and looking very Manchester Cycle Chic. It was nice to see someone getting about on a bike being practical and looking stylish too.

    • nice! I don’t work in the city unfort so I miss out on recording much cycle chic (def something I need to work on!)… not seen this lovely lady before, like the idea of a purple cylindrical bag! Will keep an eye out for her 🙂 hear, hear for happy cyclists!

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