3 responses to “A conversation with RM about phasing the postal bikes!

  1. Well done you for making this protest, albeit in the nicest possible way. I agree that this is a regressive step and is hard to understand when even the most narrow minded institutions are recognising the importance of the bicycle. Apart from the obvious disadvantages of RM adding hundreds of vans to our overcrowded roads (one wonders where for instance these Bippers are to be parked in, say, Islington!?), the fact that RM are turning their backs on a British firm in favour of buying French vans at a time when our economy needs all the help it can get and the fact that the RM cannot be meeting any of their aims of reducing CO2 and costs with this initiative – apart from all of this they won’t have considered how important the use of a cycle is to many of their employees physical and mental health. Putting these posties in a car will probably be yet another way of making their working conditions less favourable. Sad.

    • I was disappointed by the reply to say the least, but found that aggressive protest emails very often don’t get a reply at all, while a diplomatic tactic at least gets a point of view across. The reply from my local MP seemed more genuine and is the one I will follow up. I am just so frustrated and baffled at the narrow-mindness of RM! And also of our Government (past & present) for not bothering to lifting a finger or to apply pressure on such obtuse decision. There is so much hype about global warming, wanting to reduce carbon emissions and so on… but when we come down to it no-one is ever ready to put actions to words.

      I completely agree with you on the mental and physical health too! So much so for safeguarding their employees’ wellbeing.

      I found the last line of the email hilarious “we will continue to make Royal Mail a ‘greener’ operation for the future.” !!!!!

      RM was doing better than other companies thanks mostly to its postal bikes fleet, now that they are phasing them out they will become the biggest contradiction in their own terms and losing any credibility when shouting the oh-so-fashionable buzz word ‘being green’. Sad indeed.

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