Wish list!

I have resisted temptation to own more than one bike… Vita (my Pashley SP) serves me down to a tee! But the bike bug I caught pushes me to dreaming of a fast/light bike… a 3 speed or joy oh joy a single speed!

I’d love a single speed, although I have not road tested one yet… so maybe a bit too hasty for me to think it would be a perfect bike to complete Pashley’s sturdy heaviness?

@fast boy cycle - a whole post needs dedicating to his bikes!

But I cannot not wish right?! I mean… you just need to come across bikes like the ones by Fast Boy Cycles eh?!!! I even got the colour scheme for my custom made sorted out in my head!

Next on the list is a Brompton! I am hoping PB (my other half) will be ever so kind to let me test ride his (properly) for a couple of days, for my commute and perhaps to go to some meetings with the train combo…

First though I need to sell my Vespa… if anyone would like a beautiful Vespa “S” 125 (2008 reg) then let me know!

I still would love a mixte, and I am now not sure if a mixte three speed would be more suitable for me than a single speed… I am going to over to the GBH guys when I have a free Saturday and ask them if I could try some!

Do you remember the Peugeout bikes I was admiring few days ago? The diamond frame is actually owned by one of my friends! He’s turned it into a fixie! How cool uh?! Him and PB are planning to do the Manchester-Blackpool on their fixie next month! 60+ miles : ) I have been invited to take part too with Pashley but I am a little overwhelmed about the 60 miles… although I ride everyday, 20 miles max is what I have covered over one bike ride so far… although they tell me once you get over the first 30 miles then it’s not too bad… has anyone with no great training done it? Any advice/suggestions?


6 responses to “Wish list!

    • Funny eh? I saw him cycling down the streets yesterday and since he was also at the lecture last week I put two and two together ; ) Will have to ask him if he knows the owner of the Peugeout mixe! Mostly because I want to ask her the bike frame size as I think it’d be perfect for me! (the ones I have seen so far are too big unfort)… Isn’t it a small wold we live in? 😀

  1. I have been wishing for a Brompton too, they are so cute and portable! Although I’m not sure if my arms are long enough to ride one comfortably.
    I’ve also been eyeing an Abici bike that looks like the Fast Boys bike in your photo 🙂
    It’s nice to dream !

    • my partner is 6’2” and rides his Brompton very comfortably ; ) they are like origami bikes eheh! so compact yet so ergonomic to ride. I am hoping to borrow his for a couple of days to use in my everyday commute/errands to give it a good test ride… I will report back with my findings!

  2. There is nothing wrong with owning more than one bike, although if they serve essentially the same purpose it can seem a bit much. I have three at the moment and they all do different things well.

    Nice to see another manchester based blog.

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