Admiring… & dreaming…

A while ago when my partner was the only serious one into cycling I could not quite figure out why he had to have three bikes (and there are more on the way), why every time we walked pass a cycle shop we had to go in and why the perfect cycling gloves are just…well… perfect….

…then I got hooked on cycling and… there’s no stopping me! Now I am the one staring at other bikes on the street… parked or in motion… I am the one wanting to go in every cycle shop we may walk pass… and I am the one nagging more or less every week end to go on a bike adventure 🙂 funny uh?! I like it that way!

I was at the Town Hall (in Albert Square) on Wednesday after work for a lecture and as I parked/locked my Vita I spotted this!!

A mixte Peugeot = ♥

Oh my! My heart melted… I saw little butterflies and I kept hovering around hoping the owner would come out to collect ‘her’ 🙂 because a mixte Peugeot is just… oh so perfect!

I wonder if the his and hers were owned by a him & her? 😉 I never found out… although I waited… if you, by aaaannnyyyyy chance are the owner of this lovely say hi pls! I wanted to leave a note say “I loooove your bike” but had no pen 😦 typical!

I love it when this kind of stuff happens, it makes me soooo happy!

Enjoy your week end!


7 responses to “Admiring… & dreaming…

  1. I, too, have been obsessing over some vintage mixtes, especially Peugeots. I think that it would be a nice complement bike to the Pashley, right?

    • I know! just perfect 🙂 and I have my heart set on a single speed and a Brompton too… once you get this cycling bug really there’s no remedy eheh! But it’s still more economical and environmental than many other modes of transport so hey a bit of bike love can’t be that bad 😉

      • I don’t think I would ever want a remedy. The cycling bug is just too much fun! But I am going to need to build a bike stable in order to accommodate all my dream bikes!

        I still can’t get over that picture. Quite a pair!

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  3. I just got my second bike – a mixte from the 60s with skinny wheels! Cannot wait for some spring weather to get out & about on her.
    Sticking to hybrid fatter wheels til all this ice business has cleared off 😉

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