A missed chance

So I was getting very excited about being able to accomplish my first task of the LGRAB Summer Games, when I saw a cyclist approaching the red traffic light with me, I smiled, turned to say ‘hello!’ and whooosh off he went jumping the lights 😦

Oh dear! A missed chance for me, but a silly thing to do for him, I hope he was safe throughout his journey.

I don’t understand who jumps the lights, not only is very veeeeeeery unsafe, not least because often ambulances and police cars need to go through red lights (at high speed) when answering emergencies (so you seriously risk your life!), but in urban settings you have one traffic light after another, so you aren’t going to save much time… and to top it off it really cheeses drivers off, rightly so actually…

Anyhow, perhaps next time I’ll be more lucky and manage to exchange a brief hello when I won’t be the only one waiting for the red light to turn green.

Toodle pip!


4 responses to “A missed chance

  1. That is too funny. I totally agree with you. It is just not worth it to blow through a red light. Especially when waiting gives you a chance to talk to another cyclist.

    • I know! I did laugh too… how could one not? At first it totally took me by surprise, coz he was so fast! I must have looked like a child who just dropped her ice cream cone! 😉

  2. So many cyclists in Chicago jump the lights – totally annoying for all of the reasons you mentioned. Some do wait at the light with me, I just need to get up the energy to talk to them 🙂

    • If you do have the chance saying hello is really lovely! I’ve had some lovely super brief conversation in the past 🙂 just none during the LGRAB summer games (typical hu?!)… people are pleasantly surprised when someone chirps a happy ‘hello!’ especially in the morning

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