Summer… summmmmeeeeeer is here!!

Perhaps for the length of one week end, but nonetheless today felt like summer and seems it will continue all through the week end hurray!

Today I got to enjoy my first cycle ride without wearing a jacket!

With regard to LGRAB Summer Games, all this week I had some really lovely conversations with car drivers (curious by my bike, me cycling and my flowery basket!) at red traffic lights, but not one cyclists though 😦 few hello’s when passing by other cyclists but no meeting other cyclists at red traffic lights… before you ask I must say that my commute, as I cycle the opposite way than the city centre, is quite quiet…

So my aim will be to make some nice messages to leave on other bikes next week. I am still aiming to go to the Critical Mass next Friday though! And next Thursday I am attending Greenbuild Expo, may have a chance to meet few friends/colleagues avec bikes too!

In the meantime I will keep on enjoying my quiet cycle commute hoping that few more fellow cyclists will respond to my ‘hello!’ greetings, which always happen when they overtake me on their fast bikes… ; )

Happy cycle Friday! I am off reading all my favourite cycling blogs!


4 responses to “Summer… summmmmeeeeeer is here!!

  1. Beautiful summery photos!!

    I’m so happy to have you and your Pashley playing along with the summer games. Here’s to hoping a bike pulls up to you at a red light soon 🙂 There are so many cyclists along my route, it’s kinda awkward to sit at a red light and say nothing. When I try striking up a conversation, others look at me oddly, though. That is, if they even stop for the red light 🙂

  2. just can’t believe my luck (or lack of!)… just before the games started I had a lovely conversation with a fellow female cyclist at red lights, discussing commuting with a ‘normal’ bike and how cheery the flowers addition on the basket were, then wishing each other ‘safe cycle!’ before the lights went green… then the games start and I meet no one at the lights again! But I hope to take plenty of nice pics at the Critical Mass on Friday! 😀

  3. I’ve just started reading your blog which I found on Lets Go Ride A Bike’s site, and I love it!

    I’ve also decided to ride into work as often as I can and so far I’m on 4 days. Today was the first day that the sun didn’t want to play. I encountered lots of rain and boy, did I get wet. Mr C. lent me his waterproof jacket as I currently don’t own one, but if I’m to be seroius about this biking lark I really ought to invest in one. Would you have any recommendations?
    p.s. I love your Pashley. I hope to have one someday!

    • Hi Emma! Thank you for your lovely comment!

      Rain can be annoying especially when it catches you by surprise 😉 I usually always have with me (as it folds very small) my windproof and waterproof little jacket so that at least my top half is dry. If I think it’s going to rain I usually wear things like tights, skirts and boots, in summer leggings are a great alternative because even if they get wet they dry much more easily than things like jeans 😉 and always have a spare pair of socks in my bag (how glam eh?!) coz wet feet are soooo uncomfortable!

      Last resort if the rain is reeeally torrential I have with me the much dreaded waterproof trousers, which make me feel like a bin bag, but def save the day!

      I love my Pashley I can’t praise her wonderfulness enough 😀 I don’t own a car, so ‘she’ is my main mode of transport and yes, also like a best friend to me!

      cycle ♥

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