Cycling in comfort with clothes that make you smile!

My life is now based around my bike, which I love and yes, I am also proud of… no matter how corny it may sound it is empowering to use your body to propel yourself, to discover your surroundings in a different way, more tactile and sensuous if you ask me… have you noticed how you can’t smell the cut grass when inside a car or a bus? That’s something that I particularly love, as well as catching glimpses of conversations, or get a whiff of curry that may be cooking away in some cosy homes ; )

My wardrobe now revolves around my bike, my favourite skirts in which I can cycle comfortably in are first in row, the ones that are too awkward have gone to the charity shops, in hope someone else may enjoy them! And so on. I love cycling in heels as my feet don’t get recked, but I love even more my red Converse and ballet-style pumps I have in all colours.

I have also re-assesed how to wear layers. I suffer the cold badly, so in winter as a walker, bus user etc I used to wear about 4 layers of clothing to keep me warm. At first I made the mistake of keep these 4 layers when cycling… result?! No good I tell you!

It took me a while to get my brain to accept that yes I was going to warm up while cycling and no I wasn’t going to catch a cold if I worn less  than four layers and got a little sweaty, on the contrary I have passed this last winter flu-free and cold-free, a great result for someone like me who has been known to catch the flu three times in a row during one winter (!) eekkk!

So I have now learnt to dress for comfort which does not mean bland, absolutely not! If else I probably got even more colourful, perhaps is the fact that cycling really makes me happy and the fact that the more colourful you are the more noticed you will be by drivers.

I wear on my bike what I’d wear in the office, minus one layer, i.e. if I am wearing a top and cardi, I’ll stick the cardi in the bag and just wear my jacket over the top for the ride and so on. I cycle slowly (maybe 12mph?!) not only because I don’t like to sweat really but because I like far too much to observe the world as I cycle by, or as I coast by more likely!

If it’s warm and feel a bit sticky once I reach my destination I freshen up a little in the rest room or try to arrive 5 or 10 min earlier before meeting others which gives me enough time to cool down. Mind you sometime I don’t think there is anything wrong in arriving with rosy cheeks from the cycle… kind of celebrating your body and heart are active!

So I say wear clothes that feel comfortable to ride in but that also that make you smile, make you happy as in return you will doubly enjoy your ride!


2 responses to “Cycling in comfort with clothes that make you smile!

  1. Absolutely! Happy and comfortable is how I like to be 🙂 Realizing that I could wear less clothing on my bike took a while, too. After many, many sweaty rides, I finally accepted the fact that if I could deal with being chilly for the first 3 minutes, I would be comfortable the rest of the ride. Love the collage.

  2. With me I think was years of my parents going ‘are warm enough?’ or ‘you don’t want to catch a chill’ 😉 and so on… I am glad my brain switched! I used to get so so cold waiting endlessly at the bus stop that I would not give up my bike for anything in the world now eheh!

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