Join in the LGRAB Summer Games!

I could not, not resist the invite to join in the LGRAB Summer Games organised by the lovely Dottie and Trisha!

Not only because they are fun but because it’s a great way to try something new with your bike and hopefully with your jcycling friends & family!

The program is:

May 17-June 6: Social Cycling

  • Go on a group ride
  • Leave a nice note on a bike, or say hi to a cyclist at a red light
  • Schedule a bike date with a friend or partner — dress up!
  • Recruit a non-biking friend for a ride
  • Ride with your family

June 7-June 27: Learning Experiences

  • Perform a maintenance task — big or small!
  • Decorate your bike
  • Read a book about cycling
  • Carry a load on your bike — groceries, etc.
  • Test ride a different type of bike than you normally ride

June 28-July 18: New Territory

  • Ride a greenway
  • Have a bicycle picnic
  • If you don’t normally ride to work, commute by bike, or by bike/train or bike/bus
  • If you do commute, take the long way home: add distance to your usual ride
  • Explore a new part of town by bike

I will try to do my best and not let work get in the way eheh! But taking part is what count… although the fabulous prizes they have up for grabs, to whom completes the games properly!, are too good to miss!

So for Part I (May 17 – June 6) my aim is:

to join, for the first time, the critical mass ride that is organised every month in Manchester City Centre and to say hello to a fellow cyclist or leave a nice note on a bike… and if I manage a nice bike date with my other half ; )

Should be fun!

Why not join too? The LGRAB Summer Games is international!


4 responses to “Join in the LGRAB Summer Games!

    • Hi Jacky!

      That would be great! I’ll look out for you, you can’t miss me with a front wicker basket and lilac silk flowers. L x

    • 😀 fingers crossed I’ll get some good chances for it so I can post about my ‘lil adventures for the Games!

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