A chilly start to May

May has welcomed us in THE month of spring with bitterly cold temperatures and gusty winds… out come the gloves, scarf and woolly tights… well thank you!

But we soldier on and cycle on, because one thing I have realised is that cycling gives you a different perception of the weather, I feel more fair.

When I was more reliant on my walking and using the buses I always felt that the cold was polar and the days were grey and wet 24/7.

Now instead I realise how often I actually don’t get rained on, and even with grey skies I note every ray of sunshine and I cherish each and every one of them, and actually I realise the sun, even in the rainiest days (and Manchester knows a little about that!), always  manages to peak through for a quick hello. There is nothing more beautiful than rays of sunshine in the afternoon, on my cycle ride home!

rain on the horizon, but the light through those dark clouds is even more special!

4 responses to “A chilly start to May

    • : ) I am sure the real spring is just around the corner… just playing hide & seek with us lol!

    • I used to moan so much about the weather… sometime it felt like it wouldn’t stop raining for weeks on end… but cycling makes it fun even when soaking wet! x

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