Something to celebrate!

I am off on my jollies tomorrow for few days, but not only I am celebrating that but I am also celebrating my first milestone!!!

In the month of April I have cycled mostly every day, within that I have cycled for 15 consecutive days, I have saved £44 in 4 weeks worth of bus passes and clocked about 160 miles!!

This is the first time EVER!

I have some extra money in my pocket, which I am really happy about, my stamina is so much better than a month ago, I have ‘ditched’ using second gear completely and I feel really good about myself (health wise and mind wise). Considering how much a bad day had a negative effect on me, when I would be stewing over it during my bus journeys, now thanks to my 20min cycle, both morning and evening, I hardly feel stressed!

If I can be a tiny example of how a little perseverance can bring huge personal benefits and rewards, then please have a go too! You won’t regret it, I promise!

Cheerio! 😉


6 responses to “Something to celebrate!

  1. That is amazing! Congratulations. Spotty weather has kept my Pashley and I riding inconsistently during April. In fact, it is snowing outside right now.

    Maybe May, I can work up to the biking every day goal. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • snow?? wow! crazy weather 😉 I hope you and your lovely Pashley get to go outside soon! Bit by bit I’ve learnt that it’s all about wearing the right clothing for the right weather 😉 like today is raining a lot, but I’ve just thrown my waterproof over my normal clothes and voila! simple! no need for special ‘gear’ lol!

  2. Awesome! You are definitely a great example for other people, especially women, who want to ride more. Beautiful picture collage, too!

  3. I am on my third year of bike commuting and I have been surprised at how much a difference it makes. I feel healthier, stronger and more capable of dealing with less than perfect situations at work or home. Days I don’t bike I feel sluggish and grumpy. Biking daily really is good medicine.

    • Hi Michelle! I agree with absolutely everything you say! I have no doubt of how good cycling is for people now 😉 even though I heard it so many times in the past I am appreciating it fully only now that cycling has become part of my daily life! Goes to show that unless we are out there cycling we won’t reap the benefits!

      We should rebrand the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” to “a cycle-ride a day keeps the doctor away” 😉

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