Travel Inspiration: Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Last May I visited my friend Isabel in Rotterdam where she now lives and works. I had never been to Holland before, and aware of the famous cycling culture there I was quite excited to say the least.

I was also coming out of a long bout of bad health, and I was slowly but surely getting into cycling with my little BSA Twenty (that I had before Pashley).

An understatement would be to say that the trip was inspirational! And together with my visit to Berlin and Copenhagen few months before really spurred me on to regain my health and bubbly self avec le vélo!

Many blogs describe and illustrate how cycling in Holland is part of the Dutch way of life, please go and have a look at the super duper Amsterdamize, so I shan’t be here stating the obvious. But I do want to add that being in cities where cycling is simple, natural and en masse is truly uplifting!

When I get a little frustrated with things here, I just look at these photos and think that really we are not so far, if we all ‘nag’ our councils together 😉

who needs a taxi eh?!

super dapper couple

And before anyone says anything… yes IT IS the INFRASTRUCTURE… no need for arguments 😉

Photographs are copyrighted of ©naturally cycling manchester. They can be used for non commercial purpose, i.e. to share the wonderfulness of cycling, but so long as the source is referenced properly. Cheers!


2 responses to “Travel Inspiration: Rotterdam & Amsterdam

  1. You have put your bike in back of car come up the M6 to Lancaster and have ride around the cycle path network around Lancaster and Morecambe which has be built by Lancaster City Council over past few years here link to some ride photos of ride on Sunday which started at Glasson Dock near Lancaster and follow cycle paths to Sunderland Point and then to Heysham and back to Glasson Dock about 80% of the ride was on cycle tracks. I was not on that ride has I been out on 40 plus mile through hills of Forest of Bowland on Saturday here a link to photos of the ride

    • What beautiful sceneries! And that carrot cake looked so delicious : ) and on the other link, I love riding alongside canals, we have many canals around here too and cycling along them is so much fun especially when you get to say hello to people on the canal boats! (we were once really considering living on water 😉 one day!)

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