Barcelona Bike Lane

This is exactly what I mean! Cycling in heels… easy and chic! 😉


2 responses to “Barcelona Bike Lane

  1. Lovely shot demonstrating that you can even have style on a Brompton. Love your blog. I wondered how long it would be until we got a Manchester cycle chic blogger – thanks for starting it. I bought a Pashley in 2008 but I now do most of my cycling on a Brompton (in heels I might add :)) Love both bikes. Even two years ago I felt like a lone ‘normal clothes cyclist’ but as you say the cycle chic movement is gradually gaining pace which is fantastic. Best wishes & happy cycling!

  2. Charlie! How great to meet a fellow Mancunian cyclist in heels and with a Pashley + Brompton duo! I have my eyes on a Brompton next, I think it’ll be the perfect companion for my Pashley! Hopefully our paths may cross in this city of ours! happy cycling to you too 🙂

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