Happy Friday!

leaving home

coming home

Taking advantage of this continuous much welcomed sunshine, happy dresses have come out teamed up with leggings, to avoid flashing oncoming traffic 😉 and keeping warm from the persistent northerly wind.

Wearing a dress while cycling is as simple as cycling with heels. As I said I usually team them up with leggings (if they are above knee length) as I am always a little paranoid about them flapping up with the wind and also because I tend to feel cold most of the time (blame my poor circulation I know!)… there are however many other tips (like wearing small shorts underneath, which I am going to try this summer, clip the skirt ends together using something like a drawing clip and so on), but I think the best is to wear whichever clothes makes you feel comfortable and happy!

Today was one of those days that between the simple fact of being Friday, drinks with friends after work and the week end ahead I was as chirpy as a bird!

Happy week end all! Wishing you safe and happy cycling 🙂

Day #9: 11miles


2 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the pairing of leggings with dresses. I too suffer from poor circulation and the extra few millimeters of fabric really make a difference!

    eva // èvoluer

  2. hi eva! I find that I have some ‘weak’ points, so long as I look after those I am happy to cycle with just a cardi over. I love leggings, they look good and give me a sense of comfort blanket eheh!

    happy cycling ☀

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