Day #3 – #15daysofbiking

Yesterday we had family visiting, but keen to keep to my #15daysofbiking and also because I had to run some errands I jumped on Vita bright and early, for some food shopping! It’s quicker than walking, less tiring as I you can load her with weight rather then hurting your hands and arms, AND faster than getting in your car, start the engine, drive there, find a car park, lock it and walk to the shop entrance! lol! (ok I am bias I know!)…

fully loaded with yummy goodies

locking Pashley

It was so warm I was wearing my all time favourite stripy pumps, my battered jeans which I love nonetheless and a blue top found in a lovely charity shop. I hope this weather continues!

it's warm!!!

Total miles cycled: 2 (ok ok!)


5 responses to “Day #3 – #15daysofbiking

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  2. Thanks Lady V! Put the photo of Pashley locked for you 😉 hoping that my previous comment on your blog made more sense with a pic! x

  3. I’m not meaning to depress you but I have known bikes worth half that of the pashley being stolen whilst locked up with the Kryptonite Series 2 lock. Amazon sell them at reasonable prices, I use the New York lock (because it meets the standards required by my insurance) and I haven’t had any trouble. They do a mini version of the Series 4 lock for about 30 quid, and the smaller size means it is harder to break.

    BTW, the seat stays on the Pashley frame are bolted on rather than welded, so it would be possible for a thief to unbolt them at the top, remove the saddle, slide the lock upwards, bolt them back on and put the seat back and help themselves to your entire bike using only a spanner (unless you locked the Dutch style lock too). It would probably be best to place the lock around the downtube or the top tube for a frame like yours.

    I do like the Pashley a lot, one day I hope to get a Roadster Sovereign of my own, I think it will look very gentlemanly.

    • you’re right, I am due a lock update ; ) when I bought that lock it costed £50 (eekkk!)… things become superseded so quickly! I’ve been naivly hoping that nicking a bike with a wicker basket and silk flowers while trying to leg it down the street was enough of a deterrant eheh! Thanks for the heads up on Amazon I’ll go and investigate.

      Pash comes with an O lock too on the rear wheel, which is handy. I loooove the Guv’nor, timeless classic!

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