Day #2 – #15daysofbiking

Today was another gorgeous sunny day, in days like this it makes cycling a joyous activity!

After work I went to meet a friend in Chorlton, which meant cycling down roads I had not cycled down before. Not to worry, the A to Z map and Google Map were consulted and off I went!

What I like of cycling is that it gives me a chance to explore areas, that although I have known for 10 years, by bus or car I had not had the chance to properly see. One of these today was the Southern Cemetery. It is very big, Nell Lane ‘cuts’ it in half, so with Vita I decided to cycle through the Cemetery for a little section. I found it beautiful, peaceful and full of history. I saw few cyclists too, which was nice.

I then got to my friend’s house only to realise I got there a tad too early, so I jumped on Vita again and headed for a nearby park. If I had got to hers in any other way I would have probably just sat outside till she arrived, but I love how with a bike you can quickly rejig your plans : )

casting shadows

water reflections

All in all a beautiful day! And another day on my bike!

Total miles cycled: 13


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