Day #1 of #15daysofbiking

Thanks to the cycling blog community I came across this! #30daysofbiking.

A great idea! Indeed to change to a new habit, 30 days are needed before it doesn’t feel ‘forced’ anymore. The lovely thing though of this ‘challenge’ is that by cycling every day it also means cycling down the road to buy a pint of milk!

I have been steadily sticking to my daily cycling commute and so I thought what better than to push myself to cycle everyday by mentally joining this! (i.e. I have not signed a piece of paper). 

As I have come across this only yesterday, mid month, I thought that instead of waiting for the start of May I could start my little #15daysofbiking in the meantime (mind you I have been cycling to work more or less all throughout this month thanks to the good weather!).

Better than nothing no?!

Yesterday the weather was lovely but the strong headwind on the way home made it a tad too tiring for my liking, but equally made me feel very chuffed with myself for having got home only 5min later than usual and  despite the extra workout my legs weren’t in pain!

Plus the apple and cherry trees have finally blossomed!

Day #1 – miles cycled: 9

[I am in a hurry, I’ll post about cycling day #2 later, cheerio!]


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