Sunday cycling

setting off, with a gentle breeze

Because like Dottie, I find that cycling outside the commute is just as fun if even more enjoyable as there are no timetables to stick to!

This week end the sun was shining on us, so we took the opportunity on Sunday to prepare a small picnic and explore our ‘hood, by bike of  course: me with Vita, him with Brompton.

Making use of the lovely Fallowfield Loop we rode to Highfield Country Park where we stopped for our picnic, amongst a little woodland, so very sweet!

Then we carried on up to Gorton Water Reservoir. Another lovely place which I’d never been to! There was a youth group that was taking sailing lessons, there was a lots of water splashing and laughter amongst the boys and girls. The sky was so clear you could see the Peaks in the background.

A wonderful way to explore our surroundings, making us feel we had a little adventure without having to go far but lifting our spirit and mood no end.

Plus (!!) I learnt how to pedal while standing up on Vita, which is not the easiest on a Pashley, and this morning while cycling to work I realised I cycled all the way in 4th gear rather then 3rd… my legs are getting stronger wow!

I wish there was a visual, tactile way I could express through this blog media how happy cycling makes me feel, how it clears my mind and bad moods, how this winter I managed not to catch the flu not even once, and I am known to have had the flue three times within two months!

The cycling adventure continues, and I really hope more people will hop on it!


6 responses to “Sunday cycling

  1. Awww – this looks like a fabulous day! I didn’t get to cycle in the weekend sunshine, but I would have loved to! The Boy is rather interested in getting a Brompton to use when he comes to see me in London 🙂

    Congratulations on cycling STANDING on your Pashley! I’ve yet to master that one – feels like I’m coming close to it, but it never happens! x

    • hello! the trick, I found, to pedal standing on a Pashley is, first of all it only works on very serious steep inclines (otherwise 2nd gear is super to pedal normally), then you need to stay in 3rd or 4th so you have enough resistance to make full revolutions when you pedal, otherwise it ends up like you’re hicupping pedalling (if that makes sense) 😉 Bromptons are super, I’d love one too! xxx

  2. These photos do a great job of conveying all you feel about cycling. Makes me wish I were there cycling along with you! Just gorgeous. Also, I want a Brompton and a Pashley just like those. I know I must say that a lot, but it’s my new obsession 🙂

    • Dottie, if you ever come to Manchester we’ll go for a nice bike ride together! Wouldn’t that be so great?! Manchester It is not as glamorous as Chicago but it has some lovely streets, cafes, and quirky shops! 😀 x

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