Royal Mail to phase out its bikes (!)

This is MAD!!!!!


Why on earth? When the government is pushing and publicising to cut carbon emission Royal Mail has decided to phase out their bikes (made by Pashley) and substitute them with an additional 2,400 vans!

Image via ©Andrew Fosker /Rex Features

There is nothing more cheery on my morning commute to bump into and cross path with the lovely red and yellow postie bike!

Instead of investing money to make the bikes even better and be proud of it, they’ve stubbornly decided to shelve them.

Instead they should follow the likes of Copenhagen, their postal bikes are brilliant!

A petition to stop this was just not publicised enough, as I, for one, did not know there was one!

But not all is lost, we can make ourselves heard by sharing our concern, disappointment and hope RM change their mind by contacting Mark Higson, the Managing Director of the Royal Mail Letters, and your constituency MP. More info via this Facebook group.

This is my email to Mr. Higson…

Dear Mr. Higson,

I was deeply concerned to learn that the Royal Mail is planning to phase out its 16,000-strong postal delivery bike fleet, and replace it with 24,000 trolleys and vans. I believe this is a wrong decision, it would be like taking a thousand steps backwards in so many ways; it is bad for the environment, bad for the sense of community, and bad for the postal workers. I cycle everyday and there is nothing that cheers me up most than crossing paths with the lovely red Royal Mail bikes and share a quick hello with the postman/postwoman. Cycling is a great way to experience our cities, our surroundings, to keep healthy and reduce congestion. There are already so many vehicles out there! I urge you to consider the negative, sad and disappointing consequences that phasing out the Royal Mail bikes would have and do all within your power to reverse this decision.

I have been to Copenhagen recently and found the love and passion for their cycling culture inspiring, have you read this article?

I would be very sad to see that cheery red Royal Mail bike disappear from our neighborhoods.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

I hope Royal Mail sees sense! Please!


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