Cycling in heels

Something that you always hear is “must cycle with sensible shoes”… actually that’s what I was also told when learning to drive too.

Even better than driving in heels (so annoying when it gets caught as you change gear!), I recommend trying cycling in heels! You pedal with the ball of the foot, which also makes you less tired, I kid you not, therefore cycling in heels is completely feasible and best of all it’s much better than walking in them as you don’t reck your feet!

heel height amongst the oh so glamorous new tiles

I learnt this from my visit to Copenhagen, Berlin and Amsterdam, I also learnt this by reading the many lovely cycling blogs out there. Someone who is very very good at it on a Pashley is Miss Sarah from Girls and Bicycles, not to mention the daily inspiration global phenomenon of Copenhagen Cycle Chic! And of course our very own London’s blog cycling in heels!

Some people may laugh, no doubt, but if we use the bike everyday, in our everyday clothes, we can be a living testimony that indeed yes the bike is a mode of transport (!) not just a recreational sport, then what is wrong in enjoying and appreciating that you can simply hop on your bike and go wherever you were planning to go by foot, bus or car, just as easily if not more! Naturally! Without having to think about it twice.

I cycled my 8mile round commute in my lovely heels today, my feet were much grateful, I felt good about myself and so I was in a happy, cheerful mood all day and no doubt the office environment benefitted from it too! Now isn’t that much better than coming out of your car fuming because it took you twice as long to get to work thanks to that damn traffic?????? ; )

I say… smile, sit back and enjoy the cycle!

One of the best quotes I have come across is from Sheffield Cycle Chic:

Style isn’t about fashion (fashion only exists because some people have no imagination) but about expressing yourself and being comfortable with who you are.


4 responses to “Cycling in heels

  1. Fabulous example and advice! I usually commute in sneakers and keep my heels at the office, but if I’m running out in the middle of the day for a meeting or going out to dinner, I have no problem cycling in heels. Walking in them is a different story 🙂

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  3. Sometimes I have to go site at last minute, and I have been known for strapping my site boots (which I keep in the office) on the bike rack and cycle to site ; ) so I tend to swap heels for steel toe cap boots eheh! That’s why a Brompton would come in handy, I could go to mostly all my meetings and site visits with it, as most trains here don’t allow full size bikes like Pashley. One day! : )

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