Beauty and the Bike – after the film screening

The film screening of Beauty and the Bike was as interesting as I thought it’d be. I am very glad I managed to leave work on time not to miss it, yay!

screening at the Lass O'Gowrie

I am also tempted to get the DVD, as I can see having the opportunity to show it to friends and colleagues to spread the message and inspiration. Bremen seems a great city and definitely one that I noted on my map of ‘places to visit’.

It was sad thought to see and hear, Kate and Lauren came along as well as the film makers, that one year on Darlington Council has not invested in any cycle lanes, even simple painted ones. Only few of the girls, who originally participated, still cycle, the others don’t. This is due to partly lack of infrastructure and partly to peer pressure. It goes to show that it’s people perception, the culture of cycling that has to change. We are a good 40 years behind places like Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

It reminded me also that as much as I moan about Manchester, this city is slowly but surely moving in the right direction, so much so that I, for one, am cycling more and more every day and enjoy every bit of it!

It was good to hear about Darligton Darlovelo, the bike pool, that the girls have started. Also very interesting Lauren, one of the girls, has made a short film on “What happened next”. I highly recommend this too!

Hopefully the cycling community can support these amazing girls and the film-makers who have started something super, but need more support and less narrow-mindness from their own local council.


2 responses to “Beauty and the Bike – after the film screening

  1. I really want to see this film! I emailed them about purchasing a DVD, but unfortunately it’s currently only available in a format that would not work with my US player.

    Disappointing to hear that no infrastructure change has happened with their city yet, especially with all of the publicity. Hopefully there’s something in the works.

  2. We were all a bit surprised by the Council’s stance. I personally was really expecting Darlington had turned into a mini Amsterdam (ok a bit hopeful lol!). But to hear that only a handful of the girls still cycle while the rest has given up was sad. Peer pressure probably has a lot to do with it, cycling is not cool (yet!)… but in the cycling community this documentary has got a lot of following so hopefully they can gain momentum with that, it’s what a lot of us had suggested, especially to get some support/media attention by perhaps contacting the female cycling team : ) cyclists like Victoria Pendleton have done a fantastic job in increasing the profile of cycling as a great thing to do, and to be proud of it : )

    Fingers crossed! If I hear of the DVD US-playable I’ll let you know!

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