The Fallowfield Loop

Yesterday I went to visit a friend in Chorlton; from where I live I can easily cycle the 1/2 hour gentle ride on the Fallowfield Loop.

The Fallowfield Loop is the old disused railway line which was turned, a while ago, into a pedestrian and cycle path that links Chorlton to Ashton-under-Lyne.

It is looked after and maintained by Friends of the Fallowfield Loop, they are brilliant! Such hard work all done in name of volunteering for the residents of Greater Manchester to enjoy!

The wind was so so strong, made it tough going at times, but as it was completely car free was very much enjoyable nonetheless.

scrunched up face - not so glam but hey cycling on!

last bit from end of loop into chorlton centre, lovely Victorian houses!

I met few dog walkers, runners, families and friends on their bike. Was just too slow and still a bit uncoordinated to whip out my mobile camera and snap quickly.

I did get few gentle cheers and waves for my flowery basket! Nice!


6 responses to “The Fallowfield Loop

  1. Looks like a wonderful cycle!
    The scrunched-up face is cute 🙂 I’ve yet to master taking a picture of myself while riding my Pashley… haha! x

    • bit by bit you’ll be snapping away in no time : ) I don’t take riding shots while I am in traffic though, just quiet roads or cycle paths like this one…

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to ride!

    People really love to see bikes with wicker baskets, I’ve noticed. And Pashley has the best basket, hands down 🙂

  3. If you like the Fallowfield loop there is another former train line converted to a bike road leading from Rose Hill (Marple) train station (near Stockport) for about 10 miles, ending in the centre of Macclesfield. There are trains from Piccadilly to Rose Hill and Marple stations if the ride there seems a bit daunting (the route I had to take went past a gravel and aggregates distributor, lots of fast trucks of gravel whizzing past). Its a very pleasant ride with a few pubs and such along the way.

    • oh that sounds lovely! I didn’t know about that and I know those areas (I had, well still have, few school frends from there). If summer decides to return round here, we’ll go. Ta very much!

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