Commuting – cycle style

My commute, an 8 mile trip, takes me to the South of Manchester. The roads I cycle down don’t have cycle lanes at all. They are quite residential though, so traffic is not too fast. Only one part is a bit bracing, a 40 mile road where drivers go much faster than that (that’s why you won’t ever see me take a panda shot when cycling down there!).

I am a bit out of shape (ouch!) so I stopped half way this morning (I blame the steady incline and headwind!) to send a text, take few photos so to catch my breath… and you know what?! There’s nothing wrong in doing that lol! I enjoyed my ride to work and arrived quite relaxed without feeling queasy eheh! So, yes, take it easy and enjoy the ride!

Most of my commute is quite pleasant anyhow. The important thing is to stay out of the car-doors-opening range lol!

no cycle lanes - cycle with care

Today my all time favourite Converse came out, definitely spring has arrived : ) and on my way back didn’t need the gloves!

panda - ride home

Happy week end all!


2 responses to “Commuting – cycle style

    • Thank you ; ) it’s a nice commute, plenty of incline though but it’s a good workout for my legs lol!

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