Bike Belles handy guide

Bike Belles used to be a branch of Sustrans, which had a lovely website providing support and handy information to women who want to cycle… in normal clothes to go about their everyday life.

Bike Belles has now come to an end, after having carried out an important survey which identified that 79% of women don’t cycle because they worry for their safety due to lack of appropriate cycling infrastructure, for example appropriate cycle lanes etc. which will hopefully provide a good nudge towards local council to get their act together, as the benefits for any cities and towns are endless if more people leave their car behind and cycle more.

Before leaving us they have compiled a lovely, simple and clear little guide, which I highly recommend for anyone.

Cycling is good for everyone, all genders and all ages! Cycling in your everyday clothes to go to work, to go shopping, to drop the kids at school, to meet friends at the pub is an excellent way to keep fit, save money and reduce our carbon footprint too!


2 responses to “Bike Belles handy guide

    • Yea it’s a real shame.

      A lot of people are dubious about the work of Sustrans but I think that it does a great job in promoting a cultural change towards cycling as a simple, economic, green and fun way of getting about. I think Bike Belles has come to an end as perhaps the funds have dried out (Sustrans in general is a charitable organisation). x

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